Motor Help Please!

Hi I’m a rookie member from a rookie team. We have some technical problems.
We have our stuff set up and everything, but when i run the driver station, the motor won’t work. Help Please!

Make sure you “Enable” the robot from the Driver Station.
Make sure you have reimaged the cRIO with the latest image.

Tell us what you see when you turn on the robot. Things like the RSL light on the digitial side car (DSC) (the big cable from the cRIO goes to the DSC), how is it blinking?

Are the lights on the DLINK radio on the robot blinking?

Try to give as much info as you can, there are some bright people here that will help you make the thing work.

When we turn on the robot, except the RSL Light all of the lights are on.

What does that mean ?

Robot just takes the commands from driver station for a moment after we are enabled and then nothing works!

If the RSL light is not on, then it is possible the DSC is not being powered, or is broken. The plug right next to the RSL light should be wired to the Power Distribution Board (PDB) with a 20AMP breaker in place. Go here for a detailed wiring diagram:

I am thinking this may be a programming problem. if the code for your robot is in for labview, it will run once and then move on to the next vi, as determined by the code. move everything but the initialize commands and compressor code into the section of your code. of course, this is assuming you are using labview, and that your code is in begin!

hope this helps.