Motor Identification Needed

Hi everyone,

We have a motor that we are unable to identify and need help figuring out which brand/model it is. Here are a few pictures of the aforementioned motor. Thanks!

  • Team 611
  1. That’s an error.

Your client does not have permission to get URL /DGKI…

might need to set permissions or find another way to post the images, such as using the attachment feature of the forum

Thank you for letting us know! We fixed the problem.

That’s the tried and true globe motor. Unfortunately, not legal this year (or for many prior years for that matter).

  • Mr. Van
    Coach, Robodox

That is a globe motor. It hasn’t been legal in a very long time.

Looks like a globe motor to me. Hasn’t been legal for quite a few years.

That was impressive. Three simultaneous correct answers! :smiley:

Here’s another for Globe Motor, but with a twist.

Just because the motor is not legal, there’s no rule to preventing you from using it’s bomb proof transmission.

Here is a little mod we did back in 2011 to see if it worked. We then built a second in 2012 that rotated our turret with just a 395 motor. It worked amazingly well!!

We had to make a tiny pinion adapter to get it to attach to the 395, but it was super simple.

Ok thank you for your help!