motor issues

we have a problem with our jaguars i believe.

we can run our motors backwards but not forward.

push the back button they run nicely
push the forward button they grind and stutter along.

if we switch the polarity, they will run happily in the opposite direction of before but sutter in the other direction again…

so ive become convinced its in the programing.

all imput and advice appreciated.

new to the whole programing concept. so im a complete novice, just fyi.:ahh:

Yea a lot of teams have had troubles with them! Luckily my team has not. we only had to replace one. and everything has worked good ever since. i would suggest maybe taking a look at programming one more time. maybe trace thru everything and see if its all good. if not, more than likely its your Jag. with less than 48 hours left i wish u and your team the very best of luck! :slight_smile:

make sure all of the jumpers are in the right place.