Motor Jerking when Reverse

We have a program that when button 1 is press, the motor goes forward, when button 2 is press, the motor reverses. When button 2 is press, the motor jerks and moves very slowly. Moving forward is fine. Please help!!!

We’ve tested on several motors, jaguars, changed pwm, and still having the same problem.

Here is our code:

The code is a little difficult to read, and it would be beneficial to clean up the wiring to help with any problems. However, it appears that you have a joystick axis value going to a case statement rather than a button press, as indicated by the orange wire, rather than a dashed green bool wire.

Plus, you’ve got two Motor Set Speed vi’s to the same motor with conflicting speed values.

Try something more like this:

or this:

Thanks! That sure made it a lot less messy- and less complicated. I won’t be able to test it until tomorow when we actually get to see the robot again. Anyway, thanks for the help!