Motor limit for Denso 2010?

I know there is a motor limit of 5 CIM’s this year but is there a limit on the number of Denso motors that can be used on a robot?

Just the 2 left hand and 2 right hand motors in the KOP. The rules do not add extra ones so that is all you get.

Joe J.

Yes, you can only use the Denso motors received in the Kit of Parts.

<R52> Motors specifically permitted on 2010 FRC ROBOTS include:
A. All motors, actuators, and servos listed in the 2010 KOP,
B. An unlimited number of COTS servos with a maximum output torque of 55 oz-in and maximum rotational speed of 100 rpm at 6 Vdc (e.g. HITEC model HS-322HD or HS-325HB servos, as provided in the KOP),
C. An unlimited number of FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) servos (HITEC HS-475HB servos),
D. One, two, or three additional 2½” CIM motors (part #FR801-001 and/or M4-R0062-12) in addition to those provided in the KOP. This means that up to five, and no more, 2½” CIM motors can be used on the ROBOT.
E. Identical one-to-one SPARE PARTS for motors, actuators, and servos provided in the 2010 KOP that may have failed or become damaged.

Also, to be clear, the rule is not 4 Denso motors but THE FOUR IN THE KOP – that means 2LH and 2RH motors. I’ve inspected teams that had traded with another team because for one reason or another they wanted/needed all the same hand motors on their robot.

The performance may be the same*, but the rules are clear.

For what it’s worth.

Joe J.
*well, actually often this is not quite true for most handed motors. They usually start exactly the same, but they often acquire slight biases or drifts over the years as tools wear, etc – still in spec but one hand is almost always different than the other by the end of production… …but I digress…