Motor limit per bot

Is there a limit on the amount of motors we can have on the bot? I know there was a limit in past years, but I’m not sure about this year. Thanks!

There isn’t a direct motor limit, but you are limited by the number of PDP ports you have (16). Assuming you dedicate all of your ports to motor controllers, you can have up to 16, but at that point you need to be careful that you aren’t pulling too much power and draining your battery before the match ends.

Update: this is partially incorrect. See @s_forbes comment for more details.


Note that per R30, some types of motors can be doubled up on a speed controller. This year we can stick 2 BAG motors or 2 9015 motors on one speed controller, giving a total max motor count of 32.


Actually more than 16 Becasue certain motors can be 2 to a controller so it would 32 max theoretically

To be that guy, you can technically power up to 32 motors off the PDP slots via the 2 motors period controller rule, or even more if those motors are integral to fans or COTS computing devices.

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Thanks so much!

But we’re still only allowed to use one battery, so the wisdom of having a whole bunch of motors comes into play.

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