Motor Limit

I might be blind (I probably am), but I can’t seem to find a motor limit in the manual. Everyone on my team remembers a motor limit of 12, does that exist this year?

Thanks in advance.

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The only limit really is how many motors you can plug into the PDP, and even then, it could be more depending on what motors you are using.


Not that I’m aware of no… Not specified by the rules…

Thanks, that’s what we started thinking but we wanted to make sure.
Appreciate it!

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Unless you are using Bag or Window Motors you can only have 16 motors on your robot (1 motor per 1pdp slot, 16 pdp slots). We have never been close to the limit on a robot before, but we are probably going to be at 14 to 16 this year.

This seems to be the year of many motors. The balls being so sticky makes a big difference to the design of the whole intake and magazine system.

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