Motor Location

I was not able to find this question on the forums yet. So I am asking to be sure.

I have a problem with the with opening the drive motors. I do not know from which perspective left and right is meant for the selection of the motors. Are they meaning the right and left when I standing in front of the front or back?

As you are sitting on the robot and facing the direction that it will drive when it goes forward

Just as if you were sitting in a car.
Left is a car driver’s side, right is the passenger side.

Be careful with that assumption as not all countries have the driver on the left.

True, but Germany is one of those that do, so I think it’s a safe analogy in this case.

Note: analogy not applicable for FRC teams in these nations: UK, Australia, Japan

Although, since Australia is driving in an inverted position, from my perspective they do have the driver on the left.

Yup :stuck_out_tongue:

But being down under you’re probably driving upside down anyway…:slight_smile:

I think Bermuda and the Cayman Islands would also be confused. Dibs on helping them fix their left/right robot issues.

Greg McKaskle

As long as you start an FRC team there I don’t see why you can’t have Dibs.

I am from Germany but living in the US during the robotics Season. So no worries please. I got all figured out!