Motor Moving While Set To Zero

We have a motor connected to a talon. In our code the Talon should always be set to full speed forwards/backwards or zero/off. Moving the motor forward or backwards works perfectly, but whenever the motor should be set to zero/off, it continues to move backwards slowly. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Here is part of the code for reference:

public class OI {
    public JoystickButton rollersIn;
    public OI() {
        rollersIn = new JoystickButton(rotateStick, 1);
        rollersIn.toggleWhenPressed(new RollersInCommand());

public class  RollersInCommand extends Command {
    public RollersInCommand() {

    protected void initialize() {

    protected void execute() {

    protected boolean isFinished() {
        return false;

    protected void interrupted() {

public class Arm extends Subsystem {
    SpeedController motor = RobotMap.armmotor;
    public void initDefaultCommand() {
    public void rollersIn(){
    public void rollersOut(){
    public void rollersStop(){

What is the LED on the Talon doing when it is moving slowly?

Try calibrating your Talon.

The light is slowly flashing red.

Okay. Thank you. I think that this will probably fix it.