Motor offset on Andymark Climber in a box

Has any team out there that is using the Climber in a Box by Andymark made changes to the mounting position of the motor to make the packaging slimmer? Perhaps mounting the motor to the 2x2inch extrusion directly up and down?

If you go with a Versa planetary (over the sport gearbox) I believe you could use a 90 degree slice or 180 degree slice to help you with this.

This AM product may be a good choice if you are using the sport gearboxes.

As a note, i’ve not personally tested any of these solutions. They are just good options for when space is an issue.

From the drawings, it looks like the standoffs which go outside the tube are spaced 1/8" farther apart in the direction normally along the tube than across it*. If you rotated the kit 90 degrees, you’d have to get 7/16" OD spacers to replace the AM-1599’s or AM-1600’s, or otherwise account for that 1/8", perhaps with shims. You’d also want to rethink where the short spacer goes.

Similar to the final steps of pages 8 and 9 of the assembly directions, be sure the end cuts on your tube are deburred and smooth!

And like @Lexeo, I haven’t done this myself!

* That’s in either the 1.5" or 2" tube configuration.

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This is what 7457 is using this year. We ran into packaging issues with the winch system in its original state, and switching to this bevel box gives us a lot of room to play with. We are using the 15T 1/2" Hex Bevel Gears from vex and sanding down the back face of one the gears to fit it in.


As part of a personal project to get better at Fusion360, I designed an 3D printed mount that moves the spool into the tube, perhaps that might be helpful. Hasn’t been tested in competition conditions but the 3D printed parts aren’t under any significant stress.

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