Motor output: PG ⅜ hex to a pinion gear

We have a PG 188 that has a ⅜ hex output. We want to use this to drive a rack and pinion but see on M-C that the pinions are round or keyed shaft.

So what’s the best advice here?

Does anyone sell ⅜ in Hex pinion gears?

Check that the motor is allowed. I don’t think it is.
If it’s not in
It’s not allowed.
Then again, if this is not a competition bot, you don’t have to worry about that.

We used it last year but you’re right I don’t see it listed.

Notwithstanding that- any ideas?

I’m going to look at other motors obviously. This is an FRC bot.

Yes, the AndyMark PG motor is on the list; the 188 in that is the (approximate) ratio of the gearbox.

Source: I worked there around the time the PG gearboxes were getting overhauled for hex shafts.

Ah thanks. You might try printing an adapter if you have that capability.

I wanted to pair it with a steel rack for an elevator. So assuming pinion needs to be steel also.

3/8 hex to key shaft adapter. Probably won’t work though.

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