Motor Potentiometer Integration

I’m attempting to integrate this year’s vision code and 2009’s servo example (

I’d like to use the Gimbal in the servo camera example to move our shooter/camera based on the bounding box from the 2016 Vision stuff. I’ve pretty much figured out how both of those VIs work, but I’m having trouble making the switch from servo control to motor control.

The problem is that the Gimbal Control stuff expects servo values inputted and outputs servo values. Those values (I think) are readings of the angles. I don’t know how to input the values from my motors. My plan is to use a potentiometer to track the rotation of my motors (similar to the servos themselves). So how can I input motor position?

I’m using some 10 turn pots btw.



Here is an example of using PID to slave a motor/poteniometer combo to the position of a joystick if it helps.