Motor Power Problems

This year we are using 4 CIMs, 2 for drive train, 1 for the shooter, and 1 for the conveyor belt. We are also using a Fisher Price motor for our harvester, and a Denso motor for our rotating shooter turret. We were wondering if we should use different motors on our robot. Our Drive train are banebot 12:1 reduction gearboxes. Our conveyor belt uses a toughbox 12.75:1 reduction.

Please reply! Any suggestions are beneficial!

pretty similar to what we’re using, why would you want to change? Our robot doesn’t use much power, because there isn’t much load on any of the motors.

Does your robot last five minutes of intense operation without adverse effects on its performance?

Are your mechanisms designed to run on the upper side of the speed/torque curve (e.g. over 50% of the free motor speed) to keep electrical current draw low?

If yes, then you are set and have a safety factor. Just recharge your batteries after every match.