motor pulsing in can mode

We have downloaded the code from Kamocat. When we control the cim motors through the joy sticks then motors pulse. Any thoughts.

I’m assuming your Jaguars have the correct device IDs. (11 and 12 for Left and Right drive)

The code I provide is in Speed mode, meaning it requires encoders to be connected.
I can provide pictures if that would help.

Assuming those are set up correctly, the issue is probably related to PID tuning. I’ve recently changed the PID tuning to be a lot more controllable at low speeds. (P is now 0.3 and I is 0.01. D is still zero)

If none of those are the issue, I’ll need to know more information.

Where did you download the code from? If it’s GitHub, I’ll also need to know the approximate date, as that is a working repository.


My mistake. I stand corrected. I think I’ll delete the entire post so as not to confuse any later readers.

I Speak for our Team 910? We “Fixed” the problem… i don’t know how but i was told to post it because jhaw cannot log in to ChiefDelphi… so no need to worry!