Motor Question- Victor/Spike?

For third motor do we use PWM or Relay?
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depends on what type of motor

drill, CIM, globe, fisher price, and van door use speed controllers

window, seat, and servo use relays

Van door motor
And it’s also running through a victor and we need to know which PWm to plug the red, black, and white wire into; or is it a relay?

A victor is a speed controller.

If you are using the default code that came with the Rc, it will be plugged into PWM03, and it will be controlled by the port 3 x axis (pretty sure…) You can easily change this by modifying the mappings of inputs to outputs in the default code provided by innovation first.

We are using 4 motors on our bot and all of them are used through pwms connected to victors.

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Before someone explodes something, Servos go straight to PWM outputs, not through relays. Also, it’s more that you’re allowed to use relays on the seat and window motors. You’re also allowed to use victors on them as well. You’re just not allowed to use relays on the drill, CIM, Globe, or fisher-price motors.

What is “third motor”? :confused: It really depends!!!

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