Motor recommendations

What motors do you recommend for a “conveyor-belt” style ball intake system? We were looking at taking fischer-price motors and attaching them to some banebot gearboxes, but we’re not even sure if that will work well…


Most of the time your question has already been answered elsewhere…

Go with either FP or globe. It’s all your call, however.

cim is your best option. it can give you a lot of leway when it comes to speed.

I would NOT use the CIMs for gathering balls with a conveyor. Way too much power, and the gearbox would require a hefty amount of weight and space.

Check out the window motors, I bet you’ll find them just about right.

window isnt powerfull enough. we are using cim for ours and it works like a charm.

FP, if available. Globe, if the FP’s aren’t available. Window after that. CIMs are overkill for that sort of thing; 330’s 2006 robot used FPs for everything related to ball handling except the shooter (big CIM, which isn’t legal anymore).

cims arnt really overkill. we have a conveyor going right now and we have a cim on it. it works really well and the speed can be changed.

I agree with you. Kinda not using the windows for anything except for some random tasks.