Motor rotation change; Axis camera no image

Hello chiefdelphi !
I am rookie this year so I cant figure out some stuff…
I need to make motor ( black one, connected with relay ) to rotate forward constantly with full speed, but when I press button 4 it needs to rotate reverse with some slow speed and then again if its pressed it returns back to forward with full speed.

Also there is big problem with camera.
I tried to setup it with “Setup Axis Camera” and it finded the camera but It says it cant connect to it, so I manually created FRC/FRC accaunt. The problem is that there is no image on driver station ( all is up to date ) but there is image in browser.
I tired to restart it/restore to factory default but it does not give any results.

Black motor? That’s a CIM, MiniCIM, or BAG motor. Those are only allowed to be controlled by Jaguar, Talon, or Victor speed controllers. You may not connect them to a relay.

You wouldn’t be able to control the speed using a relay anyway; they’d be either off, full speed forward, or full speed reverse.

I think you want to use a gamepad or joystick button to switch back and forth between two states. State one has the motor running full speed forward, and state two has the motor running slowly backward. Is that right? The LabVIEW code for doing it is simple, but I want to make sure I have your requirements straight before walking you through doing it.

Oh I didn’t know that, so after some time we realized what we will use.
I need to use 2 cim ( we are not sure yet will we use 2 or one to rotate two discs but I think it would not be hard to modify code ) motors to rotate at same speed and same direction forward, and when I press button4 it changes direction to reverse and with some slow speed.

Also I need to make one Mini Cim so when its pressed it goes with some slow speed until button is released.

Yes, I wont to use joystick so when I press button it CIM motors runs reverse with slow speed and when its pressed again it goes back to default state ( forward with full speed ) .

Also does anyone know any solution to camera problem ?

This seems to be complex but I really need your help to learn and to realize the project successfully.

i am also having this same problem… i have heard that removing the 2012 dashboard if u have it can fix the problem, but that didnt work for me… did you eventually fix this problem?

The camera IP needs to be set to and you need an FRC account with FRC password.

At that point you should be able to plug the camera directly into the dashboard laptop or a network that the dashboard laptop is part of and see the images. If you don’t see the images, try setting the camera resolution a bit lower and the frame rate a bit lower.

Greg McKaskle