Motor RS775 help

We have the motor RS775 - 18v but it came with no gear box. We looked at their website, but it costs 30 dollars. Is there a way to use the motor without having to buy a gear box?

what are you using it for?

can you use the FisherPrice motor provided in the kit of parts instead?

The fisher price motor has a pinion gear attached to it, and has a gearbox in the kit as well.

The 775 could potentially be used without a gearbox, but it greatly depends on the application. you will have a hard time lifting an arm with it if it doesn’t have a gearbox.

let us know what the intent is, and provide pictures if you can, they help us help you!


Thank you for the quick reply. We are using the motor in our minibot deployment system. It basically swings out this small L-Bar that holds our minibot to the hostbot. After the L-Bar moves out of the way, gravity takes over.

We are just trying to figure out how to configure the motor so it swings out the L-bar.

Perhaps a servo would fit your needs?

if the BB775 only needs to perform a limited rotation - You could try the following:

(Again, this is without actually seeing or really understanding your system)

cut a slot in a piece of aluminum bar, then drill a hole at the end of the slot that is slightly smaller that the output shaft diameter of the motor.

using a bolt, you can fasten the slot together, tightning the grip on the motor shaft.

using a very small pulse you could connect the bar to something and use it actuate stuff.

Torque will probably be very low, and speeds will be very high! be careful and take full precautions.

motor coupling.png

motor coupling.png

I would strongly recommend that you consider using a window motor for this type of application, if you have one available. It has an integrated gearbox that produces a usable amount of torque, and it’s a very durable motor that won’t be easily damaged through stalling (it’s designed to stall, in fact).

If you use a rs775 motor for this I think you’ll have some problems. The bar is either going to rotate extraordinarily fast or motor will be stalled and burn up in about the same amount of time. In either case it will draw a great deal of current without any gearing.

I agree - I just assumed you are using all your window motors for some reason.

We DO have a window motor, this seems like a much better way. Thank you all for your responses.