Motor shaft is stripped

We were using this motor to run our shooter, and it was on a 3:1 gear ratio. It is a year old, but was not used much last year because of COVID.

Nothing a little duct tape can’t fix… But more seriously. What gearbox was it in? Looks like a vex planetary gearbox. We had problems with our neo 550 planetary gearbox on our intake the set screw came loose multiple times. I think we put loctite on the setscrew.

we used a vex vp. The problem seems to be with the pinion, as it was shredding the motor shaft down, as seen in the picture. Is it possible we were simply missing a piece to keep it in place, as all we have been doing is putting the pinion over the shaft, and then putting the female output that connects to the vp on top of that and tightening it.

Please reach out to and we can get things figured out.


See this thread. We had the same issue.


When you say pinion do you mean input coupler?

What color tablecloth do you have at your Versaplanetary assembly station? Ours is yellow.

Yeah he means the input coupler

One thing to check that’s easy to miss: when you slide the input coupler onto the motor coupler, make sure the groove in the two parts are aligned with each other. This ensures that when you are tightening the set screw, the motor coupler acts like a clamp and closes onto the shaft.

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