Motor Specs & Transmission Questions

Have they released spec sheets on the motors provided in the 2005 kit?
Has any one written a white paper on how to figure out speed / torque when combining 2+ motors. I know there have been sheets on combiing cims and drills, but there are no drills this year … Could some one possibly explain how to combine 2 CIMS and a FP or a CIM and an FP. Im really intrested in creating my own custom transmission and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also what kind of motors would creae the best combinations?

im not sure what team it was, but i think it was a team with treads and a wood frame used 2 cims on one side, and 2 drills on the other side of their robot. as 4motor drive, with a nonsymmetrical (or not even close) drivetrain. did i make sense? well if sumone knows more, they can clarify. well anyways. this team has experience using a twin CIM gearbox. probably one of the only if not the only team which has used a gearbox with 2 cims together.

edit* and also what do you mean by ‘best’? if designed correctly 3 motors will definitly have an advantage in power or speed or even both, but as weight, space, need of motors for other components of the robot, and battery juice, every robot will be different in what combination or single will be ‘best’

look in the manual.

In the section “The Robot” pg 4 there is a link to website with a DC motor tutorial. That should giive you a starting point.

the site is:

its lists basic motor information very well but doesnt really answer my initial question(s)

Check out this thread:

I’m going to expand upon the initial question posed in this thread with: What is the relationship between two or more electric motors geared together? How is the relationship between torque, speed, and power changed? Does any one have any equations that represent that new relationship?

Team 1410

We had a good long discussion back in the day. Some of the information that I’ve posted there is not completely correct, but if you read through the whole thread you’ll get a pretty good understanding of how the process works.

Is there a way to buy extra transmissions from this years KOP yet? If, not, any idea when or if they will be available for purchase?

Innovation First has the parts on their website

Just so everyone knows there are a lot of specs in the Guidlines_C.pdf document (Guidelines, tips, and tricks)

Link to the above mentioned document: