Motor Speed Values

What is the max speed value I can give a motor?

Like is


any faster than



No. The motor values go from -1 to 1. Giving it a value of 10 is either going I cause an error or be the same as 1.

The set method calls the setSpeed method of the PWM class.

If you look at the source code of this class, you can see that any input is constrained to be between 1.0 to -1.0.

final void setSpeed(double speed) {
            // clamp speed to be in the range 1.0 >= speed >= -1.0
            if (speed < -1.0) {
                speed = -1.0;
            } else if (speed > 1.0) {
                speed = 1.0;

1.0 and -1.0 don’t directly correlate to an actual motor speed. They will just dump 100% battery voltage to the motor in the specified direction. The speed the motor will travel at under this condition is dependent on a number of factors like gearing, load, battery voltage, etc.

Okay - THANKS!