Motor Stuttering Problem

Our pickup motor is stuttering it will not get up to full speed going backwards but will forwards. But stuttering is apparent going both ways. We have tried multiple motor controlers and cim motors but nothing different happens. We have tried multiple PWM cables and slots as well as re-formating the robo-RIO. Our battery is good as well.

The code is a motor running into a case structure that flips between on and off based on if the button is pressed.

We have used an arduino to send the PWM signal to a Talon to and in doing that it works perfectly.

We need help.

Try checking this thread for help, Autodesk might be your issue, if you have it installed

Sounds like you might be setting your motor speed in more than one location in the code.

The first thing I’d check is the diagnostics tab. It is the center tab on the right of the DS window. If this shows lots of lost packets and/or latency, it could be that communications is causing the motor controllers to be disabled during operation, and this would cause stuttering.

If that doesn’t explain what is happening, I’d then search the code for other places that the robot drive refnum is used to update the motors. I’d be looking for logic that may allow for zeroes or other unintended values to be written to the motors.

I’d also look at the messages display on the DS just to see if this gives any other hints.

Greg McKaskle