Motor Used for Shooting

Just curious as to what motors people are using to siege the opposing towers with. With the unlimited-ness of non-CIM motors, what are people going for?

We haven’t finalized anything, but we’ve been prototyping with a CIM.

775pro at 2:1 ftw

Do you mean for shooting/throwing boulders or for climbing?

Title says shooting. I guess siege has 2 meanings this game…

Apologies, it clearly says in the thread title.
775Pro motors are working very well for us

We’ve so far been pretty successful using 775pros on a 4:1 versaplanetary gearbox with 4" wheels at ~4500RPM (max rpm for this setup). Once the stages come in we’ll be upping that to 3:1, for a shooting speed of around 6000RPM.

If I had to give any advice, it would mostly be that versaplanetary gearboxes with low reductions are wonderful, not only for powering your wheel, but mounting it to your frame. A helpful note, using a CIM adapter on a versaplanetary and gearing it 1:1 (no reduction stages) is a wonderful way to easily and sturdily drive a flywheel with a CIM or Mini-CIM. This setup on a Mini-CIM nets around the same top RPM (~4500) as with our setup mentioned above. See Ri3D Greenhorns for an example of this use case.

I’d suggest using the 775pros (or 775s from Banebots), as opposed to BAG motors, CIMs, or Mini-CIMs, for the higher top RPM and power-to-weight ratio, seeing as a shooting mechanism is very unlikely to torque-stall and burn out the motor during regular operation. However, I’m sure there are ways to make any of those power a successful shooter.

We’ve stuck with mini-cims our entire prototyping process and have been pleased with the results. I posted a video of said results in Robot Showcase. Our final design incorporates this motor. Actually, almost all our high power motors in the current design are mini-cims, including the drive system.

Reading between the lines, it sounds like you are not planning to control wheel speed, is that right?

Been toying with the need for encoder to get consistent speed. Parts for prototype should be here tomorrow, so snowstorm-allowing, we’ll get going with a prototype and hopefully find out.

Can someone do a quick rundown of plus and minus of each (Mini Cim, Bag and 775 Pro) for shooters thanks.

At the moment we’re planning to use one of these motors:](

Pneumatic punching option, a la 2014? Sick. I like it.

Hmmmm… Is this a hint at a catapult? Or maybe a linear puncher?

A miniCIM… In a vex pro ball shifter :yikes:

Hands down, 775pro!

We made a prototype 2 wheeled shooter with 6 inch wheels and 2 mini-cims direct drive. For the final design we are going to switch over to the 775pro’s with a 3:1 versa Planetary

Hm. I wonder why you would say that :rolleyes:

But in reality, I would have to agree. 775pros have been our best motor to shoot the balls.

Both sides of our shooter have an in-line versaplanetary encoder which allow us to control the speed of each wheel. Funny story, we remembered when we were setting different RPMs for testing that 4500 is the max for our setup because we set the system to 6000 and the when we measured our speed with a tachometer, it never got above that 4500. Hopefully that speed will be achievable with the new gearbox stages.

Not biased at all… :cool:

But in all seriousness we used it to test our 6" wheeled shooter and loved the performance. The power per weight is unmatched at this point in time.