Motorola Midwest Update

Posted by Mike Soukup at 03/23/2001 9:32 PM EST

Engineer on team #111, Wildstang, from Rolling Meadows & Wheeling and Motorola.

Here’s my attempt at an update for the Motorola Midwest regional in Chicago. It won’t be as complete as other people’s because I was running around too much and didn’t get to see as many matches as I would have liked.

We’re having a great time in Chicago. The excitement level isn’t as high as WMR, but I only remember Saturday from WMR, which was crazy. Once the elims start, and the scores rise, I’m sure the stadium will come alive. Note to DJ: turn up the music!

As expected, Beatty is at the top of the board and is dominating as they did in MI. If it weren’t for bad luck during their last 3 matches (goal fell over once, Beatty almost fell over another time, and a robot fell over in front of the bridge) their avg score would be higher.

Wildstang (of course I have to mention us) ran into trouble in a few matches (robots & goals falling over) but when our partners performed as advertised, we were able to put up big scores. We tried our Beatty style arms twice but never got the chance to balance with them because of goals or robots falling over.

108 (SigmaC@T) is seeded 4th now. They’ve been consistent all day with the big balls and have been paired with teams that could balance well. That combo will always mean a high average. They’ll definately make a big contribution in the elims.

112 (Gear Grinders) are an excellent goal grabbing & moving team. Great accuracy and power. We’d love to be paired up with them in the elims.

313 & 109 are the surprises at #2 & 3. They’re both doing a great job (sorry, but I didn’t see many of their matches).

Depending on what you count for high scores, a new high of 625 was reached by team 313. But I don’t like to count the 10% bonus in the high score, since it isn’t included in the elims.

My buddies on 45 are still auto-balancing away. Once they grab both goals and get started up the bridge, you can put it in the book.

535 took home rookie all-star again (they first got it at WMR). They’re a little lower in the rankings than I had expected, but they’d be a great addition to any alliance looking for a BB handler (they did a great job helping us get 2nd at WMR). I sure hope other teams don’t read this and pick 535, cause we’d sure like to be paired with them in the elims.

All the rookies are making a great showing. Hopefully they’ll continue to contribute on Saturday afternoon and take home a trophy & medal.

Don’t overlook the robots near the bottom of the field, there are some sleepers there that will contribute big time in the elims.

Shameless plug. Anyone who’s at MWR, come visit us at the WASH w/ SOAP table, right next to the robot staging area. We’ve got match results, match video, & scouting data. Hopefully we’ll have a better & more inviting set up tomorrow.