Motorola Regional webcast

I really want to see the motorola regionals (Since our team’s participating in the silicon valley regional, and Motorola regional is the only one I get to watch Wildstang play)…could someone tell me if there’s any non-NASA webcast for Motorola regional?

As far as I know, unfortunately there isn’t one.



SOAP is preparing to try and stream the event… we were ready to do so last year, but NWU didn’t come through with the high speed internet…

There are several dependencies right now: 1- NWU provides a high speed network connection, 2- SOAP gets a static IP or something so that the outside world can see our video server, 3- the capture&stream utility works as advertised.

Someone is working on #3 right now and as in making great progress. #1 is being handled by the right people, but we just need to tie up the loose ends. #2 is something we’ll figure out Wed night / Thursday.

Whatever happens, ChiefDelphi will be the location where we’ll make the announcement.

p.s. nearly-worst case: IF the streaming doesn’t happen, and IF we get a high speed network, SOAP will post movies to this location soon after the match occured:

p.p.s. worst-case the SOAP movies get uploaded after the event.

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