Motors do not accept joystick axis inputs

We are attempting to control the power output of a motor via joystick axis. Upon a button press, the output should be set to the current value of the x axis of our joystick. The classmate recognizes the joystick; the lights are turning blue upon the press of buttons and axis movement. The motor will turn on if a numeric constant is used to set output, but will not read the joystick axis (it reads as 0, the motor remains off). Any ideas?

Let me clarify. In our LabView program we have a tank drive. When we set the power of the drive to a constant number (1.0), the motors work great. When we change the input from a constant to the joystick axis, and deploy… nothing. We see the joysticks on the classmate, and they turn blue when buttons are pressed, but they won’t control the motors. Any ideas why?

The x axis is left-right motion. Is that how you’re moving the joystick when you press the button?