Motors grind when turning.

We’ve been experience issues with our motor controllers lately. They provide the signal we need them to when moving forwards and backwards and everything works fine. However, when we try to turn half of them invert and the motors grind against each other.

For reference, we are running a tank drive, all Talons, LabView 2014.


Can you give a screenshot of the code? The places I would like to at are your begin vi where you start up your drive and the tele-op control for your drive. Also check if your electrical team inverted the wires. Check to see if your code matches up with those wires.

Sounds like your motors are wired wrong

You have two motors programmed for the right side, and two for the left. Your PWM cables are swapped so you have one left and one right motor on each side. You should be able to read your code and verify your connections. If everything looks right then unplug all but one motor, see if it moves the robot forward or backward on a left turn, if forwards put it on the right, if backwards put it on the left. Repeat for all of the motors. Note that it is only the control wires you care about. Power must be right or FWD/Backwards would give you problems.

Yep. It turns out that the Talons were wired incorrectly. Thanks everybody!