Motors not responding to joysticks

My main problem right now is that the motors are not responding to joysticks. The CRIO is updated and is on auto-start. There was a voltage problem with one of the ports, but they were moved and are now working. The readout on the driver station says that the voltage is 00.00. The battery is charged and the yellow lights on the speed controller do stay illuminated when I switch the driver station to enabled.

Does anyone known what could be wrong and how to fix it?

Are you using your own code or one of the frameworks unmodified?

Is the DS in Teleop mode?

When you move the joysticks do the speed controller lights change color?

The code is frameworks unmodified.

It is in teleop mode.

The lights on the speed controller stay solid yellow, even when moving the joysticks.

The readout on the driver station says that the voltage is 00.00.

To read battery voltage the a jumper has to used to place analog input 8 in “battery monitor” mode(instructions for doing this are in the analog breakout datasheet)

As for the joystick problem, you might want to check the connections between the SCs and digital sidecar, as well as plug your joysticks into a computer. Another thing to note is that the DS will only initialize joysticks if they’re plugged in before it is turned on.

We fixed this problem by updating the LabVIEW and cRIO with the new software.

Since the Jaguar lights aren’t changing color, it sounds like they’re not getting any PWM signal from the controller. Since you said you’re using the unmodified framework code, that should work in arcade mode. Are the Jaguars connected to the correct PWM outputs? Are the joysticks connected to the right USB ports? Do you have the enable/disable dongle connected to the competition port, with the system enabled?

Over here at 1612, we had the exact same problem as you. Our wiring was correct and everything else worked, it was just that the Jaguars did not respond. We followed a few steps and now it works:

(we don’t know which one of these fixed the problem)

  1. Checked and replugged in all of our wires to make sure they were inserted correctly.

  2. Downloaded the default code.

  3. Re-imaged the cRIO.

  4. Noticed that switching to autonomous mode lit up lights we hadn’t seen before on module number 8 (the only module in the cRIO that has LED lights), this was the desired function of the autonomous mode of the default code.

  5. Hit the reset button on the cRIO.

  6. Plugged the joysticks into a computer (Windows running in a Virtual Machine)

  7. Plugged the joysticks into the Driver Station and restarted it.

Again, some of these steps are probably unneeded and as we don’t know which step(s) fixed our problem, we made sure to list everything we did.

Thanks for the other comments,
-1612 Robosharks