Motors run one way but not the other

While testing the robot we realized that all of our non-drive train motors can run in one direction but not the other. When run in the wrong direction the get a low power signal and then spike and then die back down. The direction that works can be reversed in programming, but I need them to spin both ways. We have gone over the programming and the wiring.

I’m no programmer but I believe instead of reversing the direction in the code, you just have one button set to go one direction and another set to go in the opposite direction.

if you could either post code or describe how your running the motors exactly, that would be very helpful. On your non-drive train, how are you trying to run the motors? off a battery, or with a button? I’m a bit confused as to the error here, sorry. :frowning:

If you can change it in code, then it is a programming issue.

I agree, I’m fairly positive it’s a programming issue. You should post your code.

The cause might be as simple as an incorrectly powered Digital Sidecar. Are all three of its power LEDs lit?

What does the orange Robot Signal Light do when the motors are failing to run?

Wee had a similar issue earlier this week. We use a Global variable in Periodic tacks to control two motors. We then right to that variable in Auton or Tele.

What we found that regardless of the value sent to the variable, it always read back positive.

It turns out the data type for the Global was a U32. Unsigned variables can’t be negative. So we changed the data type to I32 and everything started working normally.