Motors without Jaguars?

on our robot we currently have 4 jaguars hooked up to 4 motors. currently we are unable to hook up another jaguar since we don’t have anymore breakers. i was wondering if there was a way to hook up motors to the robot without using a jaguar?
we are attempting to hook up a widow motor or the fiserprice gearbox.

thanks in advance.

Temporarily, yes. Legally, no. All motors have to go through a breaker at some point for your robot to pass inspection. So to compete at a regional, you’re going to need more breakers and jaguars.

Temporarily, you could either double up wires coming out of a breaker, or wire your motor to a smaller breaker. You should still have some 20A and 30A breakers left.

That could be a permanent solution. You don’t HAVE to wire every Jaguar to a 40A breaker. If your robot works fine with the window motor on a 20A breaker, then you can stick with that.

Also, not every motor needs to connect to a Jaguar. Currently, only CIM motors and Fisher Price motors are required to connect to a Jaguar/speed controller. All other motors, including your window motor, could be run off a Spike Relay. Spikes need to connect to a 20A breaker, and they can only run a motor full forward or full reverse, but they’re great if that fits your limitations.

This is not legal. R43, Part A states:

Each speed controller branch circuit must be protected by one and only one 20-amp, 30-amp, or 40-amp circuit breaker on the PD Board (from the KOP or identical equivalent). No other electrical load can be connected to the breaker supplying this circuit.

Each speed controller needs its own individual branch circuit.

The easiest solution is going to be to obtain additional circuit breakers:

You can attach Jaguars to 20 or 30 Amp circuit breakers as well… for a window motor, 20A works just fine - we’ve never had an issue doing that, and we’ve put some amazing stress on the window motors in the past.

For a temporary, NOT COMPETITION LEGAL. Solution you can buy 40A maxi breakers from local hardware or auto stores. However they are not auto-resetting like the Andymark ones and they are not legal in competition.

The key word was temporary fix. He meant to do that only until they had the parts they needed.

Yes you can use a Spike relay instead of a Jaguar. You will still need a breaker though.

It is hard to discern from your post, are you expecting delivery of some breakers in the future? If not, I would recommend you order some so you have spares and/or the ability to add things at competition if you come up with further ideas. While you wait, the spacing for the breakers also matches normal automotive fuses. I would recommend you use fuses only in circuits where the motor stall currents are less than the rating on the fuse. A 40 amp fuse on a CIM would blow often due to the CIM currents. Fuses can be purchased relatively inexpensively at your local auto parts store or online. Only CIM motors and Fisher Price motors are required to be driven by speed controllers. So an alternative is to run a motor through a Spike using a 20 amp breaker. The code is a little different for this and you will not have any speed control but it does give you the ability to connect a motor that runs continuously for ball pick up or a shooter. If you are desperate, there may be another team close by that would be willing to lend or sell some breakers for you to use.