Hey Guyz,

I just wanna Know wheather i can use Victors for both Mabochi (if i spelled that right) and Globe motors.

Thank You Very Much

Bilal Shahid
Team 1219

I’m pretty sure you not only can , but you have to.


That’s not entirely correct. You do not have to, but you may.

Thanks, for the correction.

The reason why I said that is because I remeber in a previews competition having a globe motor connected to a spike and the inspector made us change it to a speed controller.

Inspectors are not always right. It is best to have a copy of the rule book and a copy of the QandA to refer to during an inspection.

There is no weight difference between a speed controller and a spike, however, and the speed controller gives you more flexibility.


That almost makes it sound like there’s no reason to use a Spike. However, Spikes are “more flexible” in a different way – Victors don’t have two independent outputs. If what you need is on/off control, you can do it with half as much weight using a Spike than you can with Victors. A Spike also costs less and is not as prone to frying when accidentally abused.

From Robot Rules Rev F
<R92> CIM motors and Fisher-Price motors must be connected to speed controllers. They can not be connected to relay modules.

You can connect any other motor as you wish or design.