We believe we have correctly wired our system, yet there is a flashing green light on the sidecar and our motors will not run. The jaguars light is flashing yellow. Any help would be appreciated! :]

For the jaguar:

Normal Operating Conditions
Solid Yellow - Neutral (speed set to 0)
Fast Flashing Green - Forward
Fast Flashing Red - Reverse
Solid Green- Full speed forward
Solid Red - Full speed reverse

Fault Conditions
Slow Flashing Yellow - Loss of servo link
Slow Flashing Red - Fault condition

Since it is flashing yellow that means it has lost the servo link

How do we fix it?

first of all make sure all the connections are tight, also go over it again to insure everything is wired properly.

We have… it was working properly last night and now it doesnt work we have double checked the wiring and it is still not working- any other advice??

have you changed the code since last night?

That’s an amazing answer. Blame the software.