Mountain Dew's secret....

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**mountain dew:
**n. Illegally distilled corn liquor.
Maybe that’s why it is so addicting… lol

And I thought my team’s idea to ask my cousin who owns a package store to see if we can get Mt. Dew in a keg was a crazy idea.
(We couldn’t by the way from their pepsico. distributor, in case you were wondering.)

As the team member who pointed this definition out to me said
“yup, mountain dew does belong in a keg”

One of these days…

A HA! I KNEW there was something about it lol…bunch of teenagers on corn liquor…oh dear.

Wow, does that mean if I drink it at school that’s a problem? Teehee.

Lool, that’s really funny. It just goes to show the strange things you can find on the internet these days…



I’m confused.

Um, yeah. How’d that happen? :smiley: That explains so much about it.

[SUB]Ahhh, so that’s why…[/SUB]

Very interesting

$5 for anyone who chugs a keg of Dew*

[SUB]* I’m kidding, I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying this[/SUB]

Sure, originally. But that’s mountain dew, not Mountain Dew ®.

Mountain Dew - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So is mountain dew addictive?

Hm my friends say it’s addictive.

Dave Lavery says it’s pimp…:P.

Are you talking like the canisters that they hook up to soda fountains at like concession stands and things like that? Or like an actual keg of soda?
I have a 2 gallon bottle of the pure mountain dew syrup in my fridge… I got it from a local video rental store where i have friends who work there…still haven’t figure out what i’m going to do with it…

OK. Just what are you trying to do? Give my former mentor a solid undeniable reason to rip that Dew out of the hands of my fellow teammates and I and replace it with natural dew, AKA water? (Not being serious of course) :smiley:

It’s very hilarious that it is a real world definition. No wonder why I’m trying to incorporate a can of it a day into my diet. :smiley:

Wait, does this now mean i can cut off about 2/3 of my team from drinking it, or at least regulate them? And stop them from driving after they’ve had like wayyy too much. Dew:One drink can impair your judgement!!!


No one has made the MDA (Mountain Dew Anonymous) joke yet? I nominate Elgin to moderate the meetings. :smiley:

The next time you’ve been up til 4 a.m. building robots and have a paper due in 4 hours (that you haven’t even thought about starting) just chug it down - I bet you won’t have any trouble staying awake! Though concentrating is another story … …