Mountain Man Is Riding Off Into The Sunset

Any good Western movie will end in one of two ways. One, the main character dies and the supporting cast will spend the final few minutes of the movie burying and honoring him. That’s not a great way to end a career. In the second, however, the hero is successful and rides on to continue his adventures elsewhere. It is time for me to ride off into the sunset.

Due to a number of factors, I have decided to discontinue Mountain Man for this upcoming FRC season and beyond.

It has been a great experience reporting on the FRC in the Rocky Mountain area for the last couple years, and I have appreciated all of the feedback I have received from my readers. I wish all of the Mountain FRC teams the best of luck, and hope to see even more success in the coming years.

This account is signing off.

-Mountain Man (AKA, TheBoulderite)

Some advice for those grieving:

See you space cowboy …

Your posts will be missed


Aw CRAP! I really liked your work here.

Bon Voyage.

Fare well, my friend. You’ve done great work and will be missed by many.

Sometime kinda hard to see the ‘sunset’ in the Rockies. Maybe we’ll hear from you in another guise.

I have only heard of you this year due to WVRoX, but I will miss you and your hilarity that you have brought from stories I have heard.

Have amazing adventures Mountain Man, make sure to come back and see how your people are doing in upcoming seasons.


Well my friend, you will be missed!
Even though I only started following your posts a couple years ago, and even though your focus was not on my area, I always looked forward to reading your posts. Your analysis was very accurate and well presented. So, any clue who might fill in the void you will be leaving?

I’m jealous.