Mountain Man's Division Predictions

Hello, all. Divisions are out, and there are a lot of things to talk about! Let’s get going.

FRC Championships:

As soon as the division assignments were released, I spent a long time looking at all of the divisions, and found that there were a lot of mountain teams have a great shot this year! I’ll go by alphabetical order, and we’ll see how it goes.

As a disclaimer, I noticed that the majority of mountain teams that qualified this year were put in Carson. Apologies for the short sections for every other division. If your writeup is short, know I have nothing against your team.


498 went from being the second pick of the winning alliance in Arizona North to being the first pick in a semis alliance in Arizona West. They’ve been dialing in their high goal shot, and they can breach by themselves. If they keep improving, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

6082 may be a rookie, but they still put up a strong showing in Western Canada. Captaining an alliance to the finals, CTC has a chance to make their mark on the FIRST World. If they play their cards right, they can have a deep run in eliminations.

On the topic of strong high goal shooters, 4183 had an efficient and accurate high goal shooter in Phoenix. They’ve been finalists twice, once in Flagstaff and once in Phoenix, and they’ve seeded highly in both. As long as they keep practicing, they’ll be making a strong showing on Archimedes.


Both 1619 and 2122 made it to the semis of their divisions last year. Up-A-Creek improved their high goal shooter for Colorado, while Tators continued using the strategy in Idaho that won them Arizona North. Both teams can put up a lot of points, and both have a good chance at going far in their divisions this year. If any mountain teams have a chance at leading an alliance on Carson, it’s one of these two.

Both coming from Arizona, both 2403 and 2486 have had their highs and lows this season. Plasma got to the semis in both Flagstaff and Phoenix, and won the Chairman’s Award in Arizona West. The Coconuts won San Diego, were semifinalists in Flagstaff, and then quarterfinalists in Vegas. Both teams can get over the defenses and make goals, and it will be interesting to see how they both do on Carson.

2996 went out in the quarters in both Flagstaff and Denver, once after being outscored and once after a red card. Nevertheless, Cougars Gone Wired has a lot of potential. They can make the high goal shot, and went from being a second pick of the 8th alliance to the first pick of the 2nd alliance. They’ve probably been improving since Colorado, and they have a chance to make eliminations this year.

5931 may only be a defense bot, but they’re good at it. They were able to beat 2122 in the finals at Idaho, and if they can keep up the defense in Carson, they’ll go far in eliminations.


842 has had a good season. They were finalists in Flagstaff, and improved their high goal shot for Vegas a few weeks later, which they won. Falcon Robotics has an accurate high goal shot, a consistent scaler, and a durable drivetrain, and all of these things combined will help them make a strong showing for St. Louis.


It took them three regionals, but 3230 has made it to St. Louis. They’ve seeded in the top eight every regional they’ve been to this year, and they’re looking to go farther. If PrototypeX can utilize their scaler and shoot faster, they’ll be in a position to pick yet again, maybe even being picked by another high-powered team.

5933 was a finalist in Utah, and won the RAS Award. They only scored in the low goal, but if they can get on the right alliance, they will score boulders that will be vital in bringing down the tower.


Last year, they were Einstein finalists. This year, they’ve won all of their events. 987 has improved all season, from shooting high goals in Los Angeles, to improving vision in Vegas, to adding a two-ball function in Phoenix. The Highrollers are arguably more dangerous this year than they were last year, and they’ll be out this week to show the world why they’re one of the best. With all of their capabilities, it’s hard to see them seeding outside the top eight. Even if they don’t get the win they’re looking for on Einstein or in their division, they’re my pick to win CCA and enter the HOF this year.

Both 1339 and 4499 were finalists in Colorado this year. The Highlanders are going back for the fourth time in their history, while it’s AngelBotics’ first rodeo. Both teams were able to make the high goal in Denver, and if they can increase their accuracy, they’ll be in the position to be picked by high-powered alliances.


Once, in 2012, this team went to Einsteins as a second pick. This year, they’ve got a great shot at captaining their own alliance there. 4334 has had an incredible season, with wins in Salt Lake City and Calgary. Their high goal is accurate, and their autonomous consistent. If they don’t make it to their division finals, I’ll be surprised.

If I had to pick my favorite low-goal bot this year, it would be a tough choice between Tators and 1011. They’re fast, furious, and could bring down the tower by themselves. Their autonomous mode is accurate, especially for a low goal team, and they’ve come off of a win at Colorado. One thing is for sure: this team from Tucson is one to watch during this week, and one that might…

Crush the competition.

Yes, that pun was necessary.


3288 was a finalist at Colorado. If they can work well with their partners, low goal efficiently, and scale often, they might end up in eliminations.

4550 built a defense bot, but it was good enough to win Colorado. In a game that has evolved to require strong defense, Something’s Bruin might be in the runnings to be selected by a high-powered alliance in their first ever visit to St. Louis.


3245 won Idaho this year by helping their partners score boulders. They can score in the low goal well, and they might be able to get on an alliance that has a deep run.


Alright, everybody, that’s all. If you all feel like I did not mention a team that deserves a shoutout, then comment below and talk about it. Feel free to throw out your predictions, thoughts, or anything else about all of these stellar mountain teams. Good luck to all teams from the mountains and from everywhere else this week!

If you want mountain team action, you have a few choices. If you want sheer quantity, Carson is best for you, if you want quality, go with Galileo or Hopper. I know I’ll be watching all of the streams at once and cheering for all my mountain teams.

So long!

While Team 85 does not have a climber, they are fast, they have accuracy (most of the time) and they have spirit. I think they deserve recognition. I’m super excited for the championships! Go Teams! #IBelieveInB.O.B.!!!

I believe A Mountain Man focuses on teams from a very specific area, not necessarily the division as a whole. He’s doing his best to give more recognition to some of the lesser known northwest teams!

Okay, my apologies, I wasn’t aware. Thanks though

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Northwest? Seriously? Try the Rocky Mountains (and points south, like Arizona). That ain’t northwest! That’d be like me callin’ you guys northeasterners!

Did You Know? The Northwest Territory, back in the 1700s, was actually NOT in what we now call the Northwest. We call it the Midwest now…

You are indeed correct. I focus only on mountain teams in the mountain region. Since Michigan, Indiana, and Chesapeake teams have their own associated accounts, I thought I’d represent the mountain region.

We love mountain man - great to hear perspective west of Hudson!

We also are looking forward to re-acquainting with up a creek from Galileo last year and the Tators from 2012! On Carson.