Mountain Man's Summit: New Format!

I know competition season isn’t for a while yet, but I figured I would post this now before Chief Delphi is deluged with posts in the coming days.

I have spent the summer determining how to make my posts more fun to read while retaining the sense of quality insight. To do that, I have reformatted how I plan on writing posts and changed the names of each section. In order to help you, the reader, get the most out of my posts this year, I present to you the format and rationale behind my prediction posts.

Mountain Man’s Summit: New Format!

To Summit Up:

This section will contain a recap of all mountain regionals that occurred that week. The winners, finalists, and RAS/EI/RCA winners of the regional will be mentioned, as well as some of the most notable happenings. I may also use this section to express some of my thoughts while watching the regional.

Regional Preview:

Every regional preview begins with a short introduction about the upcoming competition. It usually contains previous history of the regional and what can be expected from the teams attending as a whole. Some teams are then given shoutouts by being mentioned in different categories based on expectations and reputation.

Grizzly Bears:

A grizzly bear is a fearsome beast, capable of hunting its prey effectively and surviving all by itself. In that spirit, this section of the post highlights teams expected to build and effectively use top-tier robots and be strong contenders to win the regional. Teams mentioned in this section are able to accomplish every challenge in the game with ease or consistently complete one challenge better than any other team.

Gray Wolves:

Rather than going it alone, gray wolves work together to hunt their prey. This section of the post highlights teams that are team players, rather than do-it-yourself powerhouses. Teams mentioned in this section are teams that are more likely to help their alliance in a supportive, rather than a commanding, role.


The bobcat is seen as a lesser predator, but can very quickly and unpredictably become incredibly dangerous. This section refers to teams that have the capacity to do very well, but are not often in the conversation due to being overlooked in favor of flashier teams or having issues of some sort. Teams mentioned in this section are a threat when operating at full capacity, but have been unable to do so for some reason or another.

Guys on a Buffalo:

Guy on a Buffalo is a gripping video on YouTube that details the adventures of a buffalo riding man. If you have never seen this incredible work of art, click here, watch it, and then come back. (Watch the whole series while you’re at it.) As you can see, the Guy on a Buffalo is a legendary figure, known for his various acts of heroism and selflessness. For good reason, he is a role model to many. This section highlights the teams most likely to win either the Engineering Inspiration Award or the Chairman’s Award for the regional. These teams are determined off of previous history with the awards, and deserve to be celebrated.


Vultures are repulsive creatures that survive by waiting for helpless animals to die, then by devouring their carcasses. This section will be used to examine some of the most notable non-mountain teams to attend the regional, those that circle the competition and devour it by taking a spot on an alliance or a ticket to the championship. If your team is a vulture, know your crimes against mountain teams will not go unmentioned. (It’s all in good fun, of course.)

Finally, if necessary, an additional section will come after the regional writeup.


The pioneers bravely ventured into unknown territory, and went where no one had gone before. This section highlights mountain teams that are attending a competition outside of the mountain region that week. Every team that competes in a non-mountain regional will get a shoutout from this account.

As a reminder, the mountain region is considered to be the states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, as well as the Canadian province of Alberta. The schedule for the mountain regionals this year is below.

Week 1-Utah
Week 2-Arizona North
Week 3-None
Week 4-Colorado, Las Vegas
Week 5-Idaho
Week 6-Arizona West, Canadian Rockies

That is all. I’m looking forward to another great year of predictions!

Sweeeeet. Glad you’re back.

I look forward to your return.

I also quite like the new format.

I always look forward to your posts. I know your focus is on mountain region teams, and rightfully so.
Now that we will be competing in a mountain region tournament for the second year in a row, Arizona North, I’m curious if you will have a section for out of region competitors? Vultures maybe?

Well played… and second the motion!

Your request has been considered and accepted.