Mounting an Omniwheel

So… We got omniwheels, and want to mount them. Unfortunately, we don’t know what we need to mount them. The baring can just fall out. We got spacers to mount sprockets, but they don’t keep it in place either. What do we need to mount them?

We need a little more information. What type of omniwheels are you using, what type of drivetrain are you using (live axle or dead axle). My gut says you need a hub but we need more information to know for sure.

Pics would be good too

We are using a (or we want to use) four wheel drive. It is independent of the axel. It’s an 8" aluminum omniwheel. In the picture on Any Mark, the baring is just sitting in the middle, but it doesn’t stay.

The wheels are independent of the axel. We are using four wheel drive, 2 of them are omniwheels.

Are the omni’s powered?

Yes, the omniwheel are powered

So it is a dead axle system, I do not personally have experience with these particular wheels however it appears that the bearings are a press fit to the center, you mount the spacers and sprockets to the wheel with bolts through the mounting holes.

Yeah, the barings go into the center and they don’t just slide, but they can easily be removed, like when test drove the robot before we got the sprockets, and the omniwheels came off.

Did the wheel come off the bearing or did it come off the chain? Are you using spacers on your axle to ensure the wheel can’t move laterally during operation?

We have used these before, 6 inch version. How we mounted them on a dead ale system was using flanged Bearings similar to these: 6384K348

I would recommended purchasing these as the quickest solution.

If the bearings are falling off then you need longer spacers to hold them in there or you need to fabricate some screws in the wheel to told them in

So it should look like

Frame| Spacer| Bearing | Wheel | Bearing | Spacer | Frame

The spacers should be long enough so that the wheel barely moves side to side

does that answer what you were asking?

I have a feeling that you’re not using any spacers on your axles. Try cutting some PVC pipe to length to slide over your axles to keep the wheels in the same place, it’ll also keep the bearings from sliding out because theres PVC pipe in the way…

Should be like this

| is sprocket

  • is axle
    = is spacer
    || is wheel


PVC works great for this but make sure the pipe rubs against the bearings and not the omnis… we have found that some Aluminum pipes that we cut ourselves work for this due to the thinner wall then pvc

viperred396 is correct, spacers will probably be your quickest solution.

You can also use shaft collars to stop the wheels from traveling latterly and prevent the bearings from falling out.

The wheel fell off of the baring. No, thats how it was when it fell off. At the time, the omniwheels were not powered (we were just testing it, and intended to make it four wheel drive). And it was Frame, spacer, wheel, spacer, frame.

It sounds like your bearing is a little bit to small

You are putting two bearings in per wheel right? (One per side)

I’ve never used the omni’s but i’m largely sure they work like all the other AM wheels in which you put 1 bearing in on each side.

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Are you using the single or dualie(sp?) omni? If the single you need to purchase the bearing hub off andymark. If the dualie you need to use a flagged bearing on either side and still keep those spacers. You may also use the am sprocket spacers ie: pvc-bearing-wheel-spacer-sprocket-spacer-bearing-pvc for the single wheel.