Mounting Bumper

My team is looking for the best way to mount bumpers on our robot.

We are going to use quick disconnect pins. With C channel on the robot and L bracket on the bumpers.

We are doing reversible bumpers anyway but, we figured it would be nice to be able to remove them with ease.

If you have a mount for your bumper, mounted to your frame does that count towards your perimeter?

That’s how I understand it.

Minor protrusions no greater than 1/4 inch such as bolt heads, fastener ends, and rivets are not included.

Also, if you want more useful suggestions, it would help greatly if you would add some pictures of your robot. I would make bumper mounts in different ways, depending on what the robot has in the area where the bumpers will attach.

This is the only picture I have right now

It looks like you’re going to have to add some parts to the sides of the robot, to support the bumpers (see R26 for details).

And it looks the arms of your external boulder collector will only be able to stop at a point 9" from the ground (to rest on top of bumpers if they start 4" from the floor) at the front of your frame if you don’t have 8" of frame on each segment outside of the collector arms to fit legal bumpers in the front.

Wheel diameter looks to be more than 8", so you would have to make a structure on the outside of the wheels in order to support at least every 8". That could be attached to the front and back and then add a support or two in the middle. If you went with just covering the 8" on the corner, you could have a support just behind the wheel, but I believe you still have to add a structure.

We are planning to inclose our wheels