Mounting Bumpers to AM41U

I’m not sure if it’s too early to figure out bumpers (It’s not too early for my team. The bumpers take us longer to build than the robot!), but how would you mount bumpers for the AM41U? For the c-channel chassis, from last year, you could use L-brackets or buy a mounting kit from AndyMark. We’re looking at the AM14U and can’t figure out how to mount bumpers to it. Any ideas?
Edit: oops! The title should say “AM14U”

I thought I saw bumper brackets for the AM14U on the AndyMark site yesterday, but now I can’t seem to be able to find them. Figures.

Here is the link to the bumper kits and brackets for the AM14U. It’s not clear to me anyway how they attach but it says assembly instructions coming soon.

Thanks for posting that. I have our bumper team looking at those parts now. The only issue we’re having is figuring out how they actually mount the bumpers to the robot. Of course, it’s a little difficult right now, since our chassis hasn’t come in from AndyMark yet. We’ll figure it out, and post it when we do.