mounting compressor on a vertical surface

Our electrical board is getting tight this year. Has anyone attempted to mount the “new” smaller compressor on a vertical surface? Would that cause problems with the working of the unit?

Thanks in advance.

This type of compressor can be mounted in any orientation, just make sure to secure it well.

It’s fine mounted vertically. We’ve tested it.

We have run a compressor mounted vertically for about a week now with no problems. It runs just fine, and stores air just as fast as when it is mounted horizontally.

From VIAIR’s website:

“You can mount in any direction or position since VIAIR compressors are oil-less. The only position we do not recommend is an upside-down mount, since heat tends to travel upward, and does not dissipate well in the motor housing. A sideways mounting may reduce the life of the piston seal, since everything is governed by gravity and has a weight associated with it.”