Mounting encoder/cutting 12 in axel

I was trying to mount the vex shaft encoders on the squarebot, but found no easy way, so I took it apart in hope that whilst I would have some idea as to mount it, but no. :slight_smile: I think what would help is if I had a aprox. 5.5 inch axle. What would be the best way to cut the axle? More importantly if it requires a bandsaw, where do I have access to one :-p
Thank you

I recently cracked open a new Vex kit for a project, and there were two long axle shafts that seemed destined to be cut to length. You should be able to do it with a hacksaw (just make sure to file it afterward).

i was just wondering if anyone had tried converting one of the encoders to quadrature? either adding another slot type sensor or maybe printing out a disk and sticking it on the disk in the encoder and mounting a couple of reflective sensors. the second method would probably be the easier as far as positioning the sensors since you could make inner and outer patterns 90 degrees out of phase on the disks and then mount the sensors in a line.

just wondering, you know… not really thinking of trying it myself

yes the vex kit comes with two 12" axles. All you need is a hacksaw and a file, nothing more. JUst cut to length and file it down to aviod cuts.

Back in the fall I got the encoders on a square bot. The encoder shape and mounting spacing makes it hard to get them on a square bot.Yes, you’ll have to cut the shafts. Hack saw and file or Dremel tool and a cut off wheel. I seem to remember having to change the gear and motor locations. If you use the encoders to drive straight there is one detail in the reading of the counts. You need to program a flip flop. In other words read the left encoder then the right encoder. Adjust speed. Next time through the loop swap the read order of the encoders.

yes i have an incredibly important question, how many “clicks” on the vex encoder is 1 complete revolution? we have conflicting data, the easyC says 90, but the sheet in the note book says 100, which is right?

Gdeaver, do you have a picture of the mounting?
BanksKid, I believe it is one hundred by doing a count of the encoder wheel ticks and by checking in software by spinning the shaft one complete revolution.

I used the team’s Vex kit and don’t have it now. I think the motors drove the wheels directly on one end and mounted the encoders on wheel shaft on the other end. I thought the encoders where 90 counts per rev

I just tested one of the Vex encoders and it’s 90 counters per revolution - just triggering on the rise.