Mounting encoders to the AndyMark

How have teams in the past mounted the grayhill 61k64 encoder (or any general shaft encoder) to the AndyMark shifters?

I’m a few states away, but I recall 1902 just sticking a small wheel on their encoder shaft and mounting it such that it’s in contact with a wheel. Would seem to work well, unless your wheels explode like theirs did in the Archimedes finals.

Pardon me if I hijack your thread, Joel, but I thought this would be a good place to ask: is there a convenient spot in the Andymarks for mounting the gear tooth sensors, or do we have to make our own?

Last year we put the gearbox in a mill and drilled a hole in the end of one of the shafts (output shaft i believe) and it worked well. This year we will probably have a live axle so we are attatching it to that.

I’d suggest drilling a hole in the sideplate and mounting a gear to the end of the encoders to mesh with the gears inside.

I found 341’s solution from 2005 in my picture collection (hooray Capital Clash!). I’ll put it up in CD-Media.

here is the link for those who may be looking for it (hoping to save someone the past 5 minutes I spent)

Take a look at:

Thanks, I should have thought to look at our mentor team’s web page

Looks like we need to get drivetrain and programming to discuss how much encoder resolution they want, and what interrupt rate they can live with, and what gear or roller ratio or direct drive from what shaft on the transmission will achieve that.

Do you know where we could get the gear to attach to the encoder (preferably, a McMaster part number)? If not, do you know the specs on the gear so we could find something similar?

I will double check with our lead mentor what gear we used for this:

But I’m pretty sure it’s just the CIM spur gear from the AM gearbox (you can get extras on the AndyMark site)

We drilled a 1/2" diameter hole into one of the AM side plates, 1.125" away from the output shaft, center-center. Then squeezed in a 36 tooth, 32 pitch, nylon gear, bored out to 1/2" and keyed, on the output shaft where the sprockets are (we acually only used one sprocket). Then another of the same gear on the encoder and you’re rolling!!! If you can’t broach a keyway, just file one in the nylon gear. Nylon gears are at McMaster… part no… 57655K43 . They come with a 1/4" bore which fits the encoders, but you must bore this out for the output shaft. Here’s some pics of our from last year…