Mounting FTC Motors

Hello, how can I mount a motor in a vertical way such as this team?

Thank you!

We’re going to need a lot more detail if you want a real answer to this question. What kind of motor are you mounting? What are you mounting it to? What are you using the motor for?

It’s the same way you would do it horizontally, only rotated 90 degrees.


We are trying to make a similar intake with 2 tetrix motors and a tetrix mounting plate.

But if I rotate the motor 90 degrees, it will be pointing down, won’t it?

*45 degrees

Let me see if I can clarify things.

@morops is correct: You mount the motor the same whether it’s horizontal, vertical, or at an angle. There’s a few different standard ways to mount motors–these appear to have custom clamps that wrap around the motor, or you can use mounting holes in the motor’s face–but you take what THAT mount mounts to and rotate the hole pattern to where you want it. I would prototype the exact location, though–45 degrees might be the wrong angle for your particular robot.

Hi @Mau,

If you look carefully at the image that you posted, you can see that the motors are held with a standard motor clamp around the body. I assume you have the motor clamps for your tetrix motors. So, the question really should be can you figure out how to get the extrusion attached to your drive base at a 45 degree angle? Once you have the extrusion mounted at a 45 degree angle, mounting the motors is as simple as bolting the tetrix motor clap to the extrusion and inserting the motors into the clamps and tightening it down.

As you know, the standard tetrix extrusion has the small bolt holes around each of the big holes in an 8 hole pattern. It is very easy to mount extrusion at a 45 degree angle using this 8 hole pattern as you can clock the pattern on one extrusion by 45 degrees to line up with the holes on the other extrusion and then attach these two extrusions to each other using 2 or 4 bolts through these holes.


I have mounted gearmotors using hose clamps, but I definitely don’t recommend it for FRC, and would be wary for FTC. If you must, I suggest clamping around the gearbox, not the motor, because it is both closer to the output shaft and usually made of heavier gauge metal.

A better alternative would be to look for mounts which support proper screw mounting in the orientation you need. For the VersaPlanetary, Vex makes “parallel mounts” for 1" and 2" tubing, and side mounts. Pololu (among others, I’m sure) has a number of options for mounting a variety of FTC-scale motors and gearmotors.

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My FTC kids were gonna use Rev’s Core Hex Motors to build a similar intake. but if you don’t have/can’t order them, then these mounts might work. Just turn them sideways.

There is also this motor mount that has a lot of flexibility in the different ways it can be mounted.

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I almost linked that one actually. I figured the other one was smaller and maybe better for that angle.

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