Mounting Motor Controllers

My team was wondering if it is legal to mount motor controllers in the drive train. We have very limited space on our robot and our electric team is trying to save space.

If you can’t find a rule against it…

Drive rails can hold motor controllers just fine. You just need to be extremely cautious of how you harness your wires to ensure they aren’t tangled and caught in anything in motion. Use zip ties and zip tiedown squares to your advantage. Also ensure that your team is able to view lights for diagnostics purposes and that an inspector can see them.

We put the drivetrain controllers in the drivetrain, and the rest on a polycarbonate board on the bottom of the drivetrain. Inspectors were in our pit all of both days of competition, but had no problems with our electrical layout. Make sure nothing can detach/tangle/be caught in anything else… Another team’s electric board disconnected in the middle of the match, got disabled by FMS.

Hopefully not plexiglass (aka acrylic) because it is very easy to shatter. You should be using polycarbonate (aka Lexan), another clear plastic which is much harder to break.

Our mechanical team calls it plexiglas, it is very probable that it’s polycarbonate.

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