Mounting Neopixels on Chassis

So our team is trying to mount Neopixel strips to the bottom of our riveted 2x1 chassis with internalized chain. Our neopixel strip is a little over half an inch wide and we only have the 1" wide part of the 2x1 to mount to, so there is very little clearance on each side of the strip. The first thought that came to my mind was to just use double sided tape, but I am nervous that it won’t be strong enough. We are planning on hitting the bars in the middle of the field at some pretty high speeds and we don’t want these strips to come off.

Any suggestions? other than zip ties

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Zip ties worked for our .5in angle supports last year, but when we got a rip, we wrapper it in clear hockey tape. A little bit gross, but functional nonetheless.

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Any suggestions? other than zip ties

I can’t think of anything, so unfortunately my idea will include zip ties.

If you can fit them, you can use these things to attatch the LED strip without the zip tie being visible if that’s what you are worried about. If you clean off the metal before sticking them, those things are really strong.

The only other option I can think of is superglue.

The vhb tape included in the KOP would be plenty strong for holding them to a flat chassis rail

Also, sells some tracks for LED tape, an aluminum extrusion with a cover which holds the tape, then the tracks can be bolted or riveted in place


Seconding the tape that comes in the KOP - as long as you use enough of it, the strips flying off the robot shouldn’t be an issue. They weight so little that the inertia from them won’t be able to overcome the adhesion of that tape.

You can cover them with a strip of Lexan bolted at each end. Be sure to insulate everything.


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