Mounting: NVIDIA Jetson TX2 & Connect Tech Orbitty

This slide deck covers the how the mounting of a TX2 to an Orbitty base board. This would apply 1:1 to a TX1 as well.

Cool. We tried the Orbitty but have settled on the Auvidea J120 for now. I want to try one of the other carriers from ConnectTech but haven’t had time to do that yet.

Any reason you ended up on the J120?

Fast storage.

The design 5338 has been using for 2018 doesn’t really require local storage beyond the code so it’s not been an issue. Even if they did persist all of the video captured and lots of data it’s still be less write volume than the microSD could handle (and fine capacity wise too).

That said, the J120 looks pretty awesome. Might use it for a personal project or two. Thanks!

Yeah, rosbagging video from the Zed as well as odom data is storage intensive. We’ve tried a couple methods for it… still trying to find ways to improve performance.

Cool guide, it’s very condensed and easy to understand.

Remember that if you do mount the Jetson on a different carrier board, you will have to reflash it or many important features won’t work. I recommend adding this guide that shows how to do this with a ConnectTech board.

One thing that messed me up big time when flashing is that you have to use a microUSB in the Jetson to USB in the host PC while the Jetson is in recovery mode for it to flash correctly. So if anyone is doing this, don’t forget about that!

We also went with an Auvidea and looked at orbitty but Auvidea was a little cheaper. I think we did J 110