Mounting on the Control Board

how are you guys mounting the Joysticks and the OI? oh and are you guys placing the Router on there as well? or are you leaving it off for aesthetics?

how are you guys doing it? I am mouting all off the control system on to black lexan and i was thinking zip ties or velcro. but is there any other sturdy way to do it?

Just remember that at the competitions, you are not allowed to include the router as part of the Operator Console (Rule <R88>). So if you are placing the router on your console (for non-competition events and practice), just make sure it is easily removable.



We fabricated some polycarbonate “clips” to hold on to the corners of the Kit joysticks. They’re an inch wide and bent in sort of an upside-down “J” shape. The top hooks around the joystick, and the bottom is a flat “wing” that extends out from the joystick an inch or so. A small screw through the wing fastens it to the wooden base of our Operator Console.

The Driver Station has a pair of lexan angle pieces on opposite corners, held on by the DS case screws, also fastened to the base by small screws.

We made metal clips to hold the joysticks down. Sounds like they are in the same shape as Alan’s. We cut some thin aluminum angle to make brackets to hold the driver’s station down with its case screws. The router slides onto a couple of screws with the slots it has on its back. It will slide off for competition. We also have a power strip for plugging the router, driver’s station and a laptop into. That will slide off as well for the competion.