Mounting pressure switch and regulator

How has teams mounted the pressure switch, “stored” pressure regulator and pressure vent plug? We are using pneumatics for the first time and we are mounting these items onto a side panel.

I just think everyone’s brains are maxed out and no one can think clearly anymore.



The regulator comes with a bracket, we mount it with the bracket by screwing the bracket to whatever is in the right place. We use brass TEEs and nipples to connect several parts together, and then the whole assembly uses the pressure regulator bracket, and a few zip ties or Adel type clamps, to secure it.

It can be frustrating trying to figure out a good way to mount this stuff. You’re not alone!

  1. Make sure the gauges can be easily read during inspection.
  2. Make sure the pressure switch can be easily accessed during inspection. The Inspector will short the leads to test for over-pressurization.
  3. Make sure the vent plug is easily accessible at all times.