Mounting Talon SRX to Non-Metallic Surface

I had a student ask if it was problematic to mount Talon SRX speed controllers to a non-metallic surface, such as lexan.

The CTRE manual states:
The Talon SRX’s mounting location should be chosen to allow for adequate air flow around the heat fins and sides of the case. For maximum heat dissipation it is recommended that the Talon SRX be securely mounted to a robot’s metal frame – this allows the robot to be used as a giant heat sink to aid in cooling.

Despite this, has anyone attempted mounting SRX’s to non-metallic surfaces, and if so did you identify any issues (overheating, reduction of component life) as a result? I’m trying to determine whether the CTRE manual statement above is merely a “recommendation” or if anyone has legitimate experience with failing speed controllers as a result of not following the reco.

We’ve mounted ours to lexan for years, and never had any issues with heat with them, even when using SRXs in fairly intensive applications (climber, drivetrain). I don’t think unless you’re literally stalling the motor heavily for most of the match (like a poor choice of elevator or arm reduction) it’ll problem.

You should be fine placing Talons on a plastic or even wood panel. 2130 typically places electronics on a Lexan panel (roughly 1/4” of space between Talons in a reasonably ventilated space), and has never had issues with heat dissipation.

Same here, mounted to plastic every year. We do use a pegboard-style plastic that allows for more airflow (and numerous zip-tie points) if desired. Would recommend.

Same here - plastic pegboard.

Same here, 6mm Baltic Birch plywood is lighter than lexan.

We’ve also been mounting all of our electronics to polycarb for years with no known side effects.

Last year we mounted them on Aluminum L Brackets but in 2016 they were mounting on Polycarbonate with no issues, fairly deep in our robot. They were position with about an inch on one side from a CIM on the drivetrain and then an inch on the other side to a 2x1, never had any issues all season.