mounting the classmate

Has anyone mounted the classmate computer to the driver’s station control panel? If so, how did you do it? Velcro?

Ours is attached using three smallish z-shaped polycarbonate brackets. One is on each side near the front, and one is at the rear. Two screws through the base of each bracket hold them all to the wooden base of the control panel.

Thanks Alan, thats along the lines of what I was thinking.

Just wondering: why do you need to mount the Classmate? It seems like it would make it harder to transport and set up, as opposed to just carrying it around like a normal laptop. :-S
What are the advantages of mounting it?

We are used to having it all together from year’s past.

Its part of the drivers console then, all wired in and ready to go, It can be carried from the pit to the game field in one piece. Otherwise, everytime they go to play the game they are going to have to plug in the usb cables in addition to the network cable from the field system. We also don’t have to stand around and point fingers and ask “Who forgot to bring the classmate?”

Our console has a cover for storage so its protected when not in use.